Episode 8 - College Life: Then and Now

The Brothers McCarthy join the Y'all Don't Say That! network as brothers Joe and Brendan (!) reintroduce the podcast after a one year hiatus.  They talk about differences in their college experience including living spaces (2:32), majors (5:55), music (9:25), communication and social media (13:15), video games (17:49), visiting big cities (22:47), library and computer lab usage (25:43), college sports (26:31), class schedules (33:15), and Northwood Hockey 2017! (34:28).

Episode 6 - Michael Shakin Watermelon Brown

The Brothers McCarthy record together from Madrid, Spain and host their first international guest Miguel Moreno (aka Michael Shakin Watermelon Brown)! Joe and Ryan talk to Miguel about the sweltering summer heat in Madrid, food and drink in Spain, his musical influences, his up-and-coming indie rock band (Soul Rubbers), musical influences, and Spanish swear words.  To cap off the episode, the Brothers ask Miguel question submitted from Facebook followers and friends in their new (and hopefully recurring!) segment "Ask a Spaniard" and quiz him on the meaning of some American colloquialisms.

Be sure to check out Miguel's band Soul Rubbers on the following sites: